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I know what you are here!  Its because you are excited about Mark Richards Education and want to know more.  This website forms my portfolio, however here are a few other projects I have been working on.

Educational Exhibits – Leading UK STEM Educational Charity.

I am a regular freelance contractor for a major UK charity promoting STEM subjects through the medium of sailing.

Consequently, I have designed and built a number of high quality curriculum linked learning resources to be used in the charity’s education centre, at national Roadshows and in school. These resources include full lesson plans, workshops, CAD drawings and interactive demonstrations.

Some recent projects include designing and building a large scale sailing simulator, renewable energy demonstration and laser printable 3D robotic arm.  Click on the image for more information.

Mark Richards Education Sailing Simulator

Santa’s Grotto – Interactive sensory exhibits

I am extremely proud to have stated a successful charity event with my uncle. In late early 2008, we sat over a coffee discussing the idea of starting a Santa’s Grotto for severely disabled children.

Read about how our idea went on to become a reality and highly successful charity event, supported by 25 dedicated volunteers and over 50,000 Christmas lights.

I continue to dedicate a significant amount of spare time in organising and running this event. Consequently, my role is diverse, from supervising large groups of corporate volunteers to designing and building props such as a full scale motorised sleigh. Click on the image for more information.

Motorised Santa Sleigh

Van and Boat – Web Design & Blog

I am a keen photographer, traveller and engineer. Furthermore my love for diversity in my work often takes me to different locations around the UK. As a result, I was keen to build accommodation that could move and give me a mobile base.

My solution was to refurbish a sailing boat to give me a base on the water and convert a panel van to give me a base on the road!

My website, www.vananandboat.com documents the work carried out on these projects. The website is an on-going project and continues to evolve as and when I have the time! Click on the image for more information.



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