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Freelance Writer and Editorial Service.

Welcome to Mark Richards Education Freelance Writer and Editorial Service.  Are you having trouble getting your point across? No problem, let me help!

Creative Copywriter

I have a question. Why are you here? Well its because I have persuaded you to come here! By carefully writing the copy for my website and associated external links, I have engaged your interest which has bought you to this page. Just imagine what I can do for your business!

When you hire a copywriter, you don’t just need a writer. You need someone who can engage, inspire and educate. Furthermore, you need someone with the skill set to write confidently and persuasively too. Only then will you get your point across effectively. Luckily, by combining these important skills, I am able to provide a range of creative writing services including:

    • Blog Copy
    • Social media posts
    • Search engine optimised copy
    • Design and maintenance of beautiful, content rich websites
    • Editing new and existing creative content

Technical and Educational Writer

Technical writing and Education go hand in hand. However there is a lot more to technical writing than just writing. To be a successful Technical Writer, you need a deeper sensitivity and understanding of how things work at both a theoretical and practical level.

Luckily, I have a wealth of experience gained through teaching Design & Technology up to A level standard combined with two university degrees in both Science and Education. Furthermore, my background in designing and producing educational exhibits along with student workshops further enhances those all important theoretical and practical skills.

Put simply, I have the broad technical knowledge you need! Call me to discuss how I can help your business in delivering the following:

Trouble-shooting guides
Instruction Manuals
How-To Guides
Curriculum linked content for web or print.
Exciting workshops for students of all ages.

I’m not just all chat….

I’m always busy! In my spare time I have built a motorhome from scratch, refurbished a boat and used both to explore. For examples of my work, please explore my website documenting these projects including how-to guides, technical guides and my travel blog!

Talking of chat…. call me! 07827 547837 or use the contact form!

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