I really don’t like Pigeon Holes


I know why you are reading this. Its because that headline just got your attention. Or maybe you clicked on a link about pigeon holes. Either way, I’d like to welcome you to Mark Richards Education! Freelance Writer, Educator & Creator

Go on, be different!

Firstly, I agree that my home page is a little different and not what you might expect from a professional’s website. However that’s the point. It’s good to be different!

Now I have got your attention, I want you to think.

Think of an interaction when a group of people first meet. What normally happens? Well, the conversation might go something like this. Hi, I’m Robert, or hi I’m Sarah or hi I’m Alex. And then the conversation continues. So what do you do for work? The answer might be I’m a teacher or I’m a writer or I’m a designer.

Here in lies a problem for me. Why would you want to define your profession in such a narrow way?

Consider this question: Can you be a successful writer if you can’t convey your ideas to somebody reading your work? I think the answer is No. To be a successful writer, you need to be able to part your knowledge onto others. Therefore by definition, a writer needs to be a teacher!

And another question: can you be a successful teacher if you only ever repeat exactly what has gone before? I think the answer is another no! To be a successful teacher in any subject, you need to be comfortable trying and developing new ideas. A teacher therefore needs to be a creator too.

Pigeon Holes - Mark Richards Education

So what am I trying to get at?

My point is this. By defining one’s profession as a single entity is too limiting. Furthermore, it leads to a stagnancy in creativity.

Luckily, Mark Richards Education draws on the skills of Writing, Education and Creativity to offer a range of linked services to your business. From writing engaging web content to designing and delivering interactive learning resources, I have the experience to get the results you deserve.

Please browse this site, or click on the links below to find out about the range of services offered by Mark Richards Education. Need to chat? No problem, phone me on 07827 547 837 or use the contact form!

Oh and one final thing. Why pigeon holes? Simple. It’s because my diverse skill set just doesn’t fit into one pigeon hole. Mark Richards Education offers the whole package.

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