Interactive Learning Resources – When 1000 words are not enough.

Words are amazing. Words are really amazing. However, sometimes they simply aren’t enough. Sometimes only interactive learning resources will do.

Let me explain. By reading this text, I am successfully communicating with you. Furthermore, I am making you think. And by thinking, you are learning. Words enable us to convey complicated concepts in great detail, however sometimes the reader may miss the smallest of details. Details like the spelling of successfully at the beginning of this paragraph.

As a professional writer, I love the process of putting my thoughts into words. Consequently, I can get my readers to really think about a subject and to paint a picture in their mind. These pictures can be extremely vivid, however the resolution of the image is limited by the number of words I use.

Look at the following photograph taken on a trip to Scotland. Considering that my camera captures 12 million individual points of data, how many words do you think I would need to write for you to recreate this exact scene in your mind?


A picture paints 1000 words

A Picture paints a thousand words.

For you to create this exact image in your mind, I would need a lot of words. Consequently, a picture paints many more than 1000 words! Pictures add a new dimension to content, allowing the reader to see exactly what I want them to see. It’s because of this that I always support my work with images.

But in real life, an image isn’t 2 dimensional.

Whilst images are great, I strongly believe that for the best learning experience, the learner should be able to interact with an image. This is where physical learning resources come in. At Mark Richards Education, I am able to conceive, design and construct a range of interactive learning resources to be used in a range of educational environments.

Interactive Learning Resources

With a strong background teaching Design & Technology combined with experience producing educational resources for a leading UK educational charity.

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